“Reader not found”

The problem When you start eTemperature, there is a status bar along the top of the screen. It will show a message like: “Reader not found”, or “Waiting”, or one of the download messages If you are stuck on “reader not found” then it means that eTemperature is not able to talk to the USB […]

Why would you want a daily min/max graph?

I was recently asked to make a daily min/max graph. I questioned the wisdom of this and showed how it was built on old compromises that don’t need to exist anymore. It’s time to move on.

How often should you record the temperature of a commercial fridge?

Recently we were asked: When are you required (according to the food standards code of Australia and New Zealand) to take the temperature reading of a commercial Fridge, a commercial freezer and a Bain Marie that is set at 60 degrees and at what intervals e.g Every 2 hours or Twice every day ? The […]

Food temperature danger zone explainer video

What is the danger zone for food temperature? It’s a very simple message, but critical to food safety. This short explainer video covers the food temperature danger zone and the obligations on restaurants and cafes. It would be great if you shared the video with friends to help get the message out.

eTemperature Error Codes

There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with eTemperature and the Thermocrons. Reader not found The adaptor (reader) hasn’t been found. Causes include: Reader not plugged in Windows is blocking access to it – run as administrator once to fix this Corrupted driver – check the device manager to see if the “1-wire […]

How long will a vaccine fridge remain below 8° during a blackout?

The critical temperatures 2°C and 8°C are the official limits that a vaccine must be stored between. Of the two temperatures, the lower one is the more critical. At 0°C certain vaccines freeze and become useless. This is important to keep in mind when dealing with the issue. The higher temperature is less rigid because […]

RPA Vaccine Fridge Should Not Have Failed

RPA is now asking hundreds of mothers with new born babies to contact them because a vaccine fridge may have been failing.This strikes me as an amazing problem for a major hospital. For more information see the full article from the <a title=”RPA Vaccine Problem” href=”http://snip.ly/lMum”>SMH</a> Low cost temperature loggers have now been available since […]

eTemperature Reporting Options

Getting the mix right with reporting It is common practice to print a report of results  for future reference. Traditionally there were two extremes – a detailed report that could go on for 30 pages, or a daily/min max report that summarised it all to 30 lines. A better option for many users is the […]

eTemperature: Changing the line thickness in the report

eTemperature Line Thickness

The issue A customer asked if they could change the line thickness in the graph on eTemperature. It was too thin for photocopying if needed. The solution eTemperature allows users to customise many aspects of the report. This feature is a very advanced feature and demonstrates the tradeoff between pure power and simplicity. This feature […]

eTemperature Version 8.28 Released

eTemperature 8.28 eTemperature version 8.28 has just been uploaded. This is a minor bug fix release which fixes an “overflow error” found with TCU thermocron temperature loggers where the last reading was below 15°C, eTemperature 8.27 eTemperature version 8.27 had some nice user features added included being able to sort the most recent list of […]

Temperature Monitoring

This is the first blog in a series that will discuss various aspects of temperature monitoring, with a focus on temperature loggers. Much of what is discussed can also be applied to thermometers. One of these blogs will actually discuss the differences between thermometers and temperature loggers. Money, reputation and lives There are some things […]

When the right food temperature can save lives

One of the best ways to keep individuals safe from any food-borne illnesses is to cook raw meat thoroughly at the right temperature. This is a good habit to adopt to ensure all the bacteria in the raw meat is killed. Another way to prevent the cross contamination of bacteria is to wash your hands […]

eTemperature 8.27 Released

eTemperature 8.27 Release Date eTemperature version 8.27 was released on 5th June 2014. New eTemperature Features Recent file list The recent file list is now sortable. Click on the heading and the list will be sorted on that column. Changing the columnn sorting will also change the displayed sorting list. The name has the numeric […]

eTemperature Version 8.24 Released

eTemperature 8.24 has two key changes: New data formats for the Excel export Dual sliders for the min/max instead of two sliders Excel export formats When pressing the Excel button, you now have 3 options. All readings: The first option will export the entire table as is, and is the equivalent to how eTemperature used […]

eTemperature Version 8.23 Released

Version 8.23 of eTemperature has just been released. This is a minor release that fixes a bug that fixes a minor bug that was found on two sites. It has not been reported on other sites. Recent updates of eTemperature have a built-in update feature and will automatically receive the update. Alternatively, the “Check for […]

eTemperature Version 8.21 Released

Version 8.21 of eTemperature has now been released. This is primarily a bug fix for the min/max plus extremes report. Min/max plus extremes Many customers are familiar with min/max thermometers. They would write the minimum and maximum temperatures down each day and reset the thermometer. The benefit of this was a very compact record of […]

eTemperature 8.19 Released

eTemperature version 8.19 has just been released. This is a critical update for all versions since 8.11. Autosave The “auto-save” feature has been unreliable since version 8.11. To also ensure that users are clearly informed as to when results are saved, the dialog box has been reintroduced. This will mean that if you are using […]

eTemperature Version 8.15 Released

eTemperature Version 8.15 has been released. This is a minor release. ​Report changes When we converted to a new reporting engine we gained a number of features. These include – users being able to modify the report – more export options for saving the report – a higher resolution graph output But some old features […]

eTemperature version 8.14 Released – Changing The Unknown

This is another minor release with a feature requested by a customer. It is now possilbe to change the description when the results have been downloaded or saved. This is to help people who forgot to set the description up originally and it just shows as “unknown”. The new name will appear in reports, in […]

eTemperature V8.13 released

eTemperature Version 8.13 has just been released. This is primarly a bug fix release with no significant new features. The key new features include: – ​”Save as…​” menu item under “File”. This is to allow people to easily open a file and save it under a different name or new location. – “​Check for updates​ […]

eTemperature version 8.14 released

Just a minor update. There were some settings that were previously being saved that weren’t in the latest couple versions. For example, eTemperature remembers the sample rate etc that you last used as the default for next time it starts. The fast start button configuration was also being lost. We have also been streamlining our […]

eTemperature 8.11 released

eTemperature 8.11 has just been released. It is available as a free upgrade to all paid users. Features include a new “Home” tab, “Web/Blog” tab, and “Like” button. The home tab is probably the most important change for all users. It displays all files that were saved within the last year by default. The date […]