eTemperature Version 8.13 has just been released.

This is primarly a bug fix release with no significant new features.

The key new features include:

​”Save as…​” menu item under “File”. This is to allow people to easily open a file and save it under a different name or new location.

– “​Check for updates​ ” under “Help”. An automatic check is made once a month, but this allows the user to force a check to occur. This is intended for us to be able to notify users of the update and give them the chance to get it immediately without having to login into the OnSolution web site.

Fixes include:

– Min/max + Extremes: High/low limits were set after the report was generated. This meant it had to be run twice to be correct.
– Stray label removed
– Update status issue for Thermocron. Fix the “Stop” bug.
– Alignment of report header
– Registration now locks in
– Confirm file name shows existing files correctly

If you do come across any bugs, or would like a new feature please contact us and we will see what we can do.