eTemperature 8.28

eTemperature version 8.28 has just been uploaded.

This is a minor bug fix release which fixes an “overflow error” found with TCU thermocron temperature loggers where the last reading was below 15°C,

eTemperature 8.27

eTemperature version 8.27 had some nice user features added included being able to sort the most recent list of files.

The export to word was also significantly sped up. On some PCs there was an unexplained delay of up to 30 seconds when exporting. This has now been removed.

There was also a change made for the thermocron models TCS, TCU, TCX and HC where the password feature is now totally disabled.

Should I upgrade

If you are using TCS, TCU, TCX and HC then we strongly recommend upgrading to 8.28 to avoid the password being set accidentally.

If you are using the TCU then upgrade to 8.28.

For other users, 8.28 is a good stable version with no beta release features.