There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with eTemperature and the Thermocrons.

Reader not found

The adaptor (reader) hasn’t been found. Causes include:

Waiting for thermocron/logger

The reader has been found but the logger hasn’t been found. Causes include:

Battery dead

The software can read the ID but not the contents. This is typical of a dead battery.

Password set

There was a problem introduced by a change in Windows that set the password in some loggers which isn’t detected until the user upgrades the software. If the customer uses the free Maxim app then they also have access to the password feature.

Flashing between “device found” and “waiting”

No idea. It doesn’t happen that often and we typically replace the unit and get you to send us the old unit.


Occasionally the software may crash or lockup. If it only happens once then forget about it and restart. That’s computers for you. If it happens again then let us know.