eTemperature 8.24 has two key changes:

  1. New data formats for the Excel export
  2. Dual sliders for the min/max instead of two sliders

Excel export formats

When pressing the Excel button, you now have 3 options.

eTemperature Excel Export

All readings: The first option will export the entire table as is, and is the equivalent to how eTemperature used to work.

Daily min/max: The second option will export a three column set of data with the date, minimum temperature and maximum temperature.

Daily min/max + extremes: The most interesting one, however, is the third option which is the daily min/max and extremes. Looking at the graph you can see that it is mostly within range but there were a couple of times when it went outside the alarm limits

If we export it to Excel we see:

So on the days when everything is OK there is only a single line record, but on the days with problems you have the detailed information as to what went wrong.

The Excel exports now mimic the 3 standard reports available in eTemperature. It was also added to the system as a feature request by one of our users.

If you would like any changes to eTemperature just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Dual sliders

The second change is mainly a cosmetic one, but helps to show what is happening. Next to the graph used to be a minimum and maximum slider bar. They have now been replaced with a single slider bar.

eTemperature Dual Slider

The single slider bar has the red, green and blue colour coding to hopefully make it clearer that they are splitting the hot and cold limits.

As before, moving the markers up and down will move the alarm line in the graph. The high and low limits shown above will also change.

If you pause for a couple of seconds the entire graph will then recolour based on the new limits.

This new design also makes it impossible for the low limit to be above the high limit, so hopefully will stop the confusion that sometimes occurred.

The new design is also used for programming the high and low limits:

eTemperature Min Max