The problem

When you start eTemperature, there is a status bar along the top of the screen. 

It will show a message like:

  • “Reader not found”, or
  • “Waiting”, or
  • one of the download messages

If you are stuck on “reader not found” then it means that eTemperature is not able to talk to the USB part of the reader. 

This may be due to:

  • Windows not allowing eTemperature to talk to it
  • Windows not knowing what the reader is
  • Windows not seeing the reader

Unfortunately fault finding this problem is often a case of looping through what I am about to discuss a couple of times before it “magically” fixes itself.

Plug in the reader

For new installations, often the problem is simply a case of the user not realising the reader needs to be plugged in.

On existing sites, it may be the case that the reader has been unplugged by someone else.

My recommendation is to unplug the reader and plug it back in. This will ensure that it is properly plugged in.

Check device manager

Run device manager (click on the Windows start button and type “Device manager” until you see it in the list, and then run it).

At the top of the list of devices you should see “1-wire” and it should not have an error message.

If you DO NOT see it in device manager:

– plug it into a different USB port to see if it appears
– login as administrator and plug it in (this is a likely problem if you have an IT department that likes to lock down all permissions)
– check the USB connector on the reader to ensure it isn’t broken
– if it still doesn’t appear, contact us for more support. Chances are the reader is broken and we will discuss sending a replacement. If you do buy a replacement and it turns out to not be the problem, we will provide a full refund.

If you DO see it in device manager, but there is a driver error:

– try updating the driver and just let Windows do it stuff.
– download the latest drivers and reinstall them. You will need to restart the computer.

Run eTemperature as administrator

If all is fine in device manager, then try running eTemperature as administrator. If this fixes the problem, you should not have to do this again. It ususally just takes the one successful connection for Windows to then trust the application.

To run eTemperature as administrator, right mouse click on the eTemp icon and select “Run as administrator”.

Still not working?

Reset the PC.

Repeat the above checks.


Tap the mouse a couple of times to show your frustration.

Give us a call on 1300 30 33 34 and we will see what we can do. 


In about 1% of cases there is a hardware problem where replacing the reader fixed it.

In most cases running as administrator fixed the problem.

In a large number of cases, unplugging and plugging the reader in fixed it.

In some cases reloading the driver fixed it.