Using eTemperature

eTemperature is an intuitive, easy to use software package. Getting started is very easy, but to help you get the most out of your investment we have written a series of guides on using this software.

Quick Start Guide

This guide takes you through the basics of eTemperature, from installation and configuration to downloading and analysing results.

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Full Manual

A full manual is available for eTemperature if the Getting Started guide is not comprehensive enough.

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Latest Tutorials

“Reader not found”

The problem When you start eTemperature, there is a status bar along the top of the screen.  It will show a message like: “Reader...

eTemperature Error Codes

There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with eTemperature and the Thermocrons. Reader not found The adaptor (reader) hasn’t b...

Video: Data Logger Sample Rate Explanation

We put together a quick video to explain what sample rate means.

eTemperature Reporting Options

Getting the mix right with reporting It is common practice to print a report of results  for future reference. Traditionally there were two...

eTemperature: Changing the line thickness in the report

The issue A customer asked if they could change the line thickness in the graph on eTemperature. It was too thin for photocopying if needed....

Logger Rollover

If the logger is not stopped before reaching the end of its memory it will do one of two things: Stop logging Rollover to the start and star...

Alarm Limits

Configuring the alarm limits in eTemperature doesn’t achieve a huge amount, and what it does do can be changes later any way. When display...

Logging Start Delay

There are a number of ways of delaying the start of the logging. The best option is the “Specify delay date and time”. This allows you t...

Setting the Sample Rate

One of the critical settings when programming a Thermochron logger is the sample rate. The sample rate is how often the unit will record the...

eTemperature and Windows Administrative Privileges

95% of our support calls have to do with installation issues. 95% of those calls are solved by running the software with administrator right...

Video: eTemperature Graphs

Video: Exporting Results

Video: Saving Files

Video: Programming a Thermocron

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