Installing and Configuring eTemperature

This guide will run you through the steps required to install and configure the eTemperature software on your computer. After that you can setup a logger, download results and then analyse the results. We have all of these guides available as downloadable PDFs.

You must be logged in as administrator to install the software.

Do NOT plug the USB reader in until AFTER installing the software.

For technical support, please contact us.


Step 1: Insert the CD

The following screen will appear:
Installation Guide - Step 1


Step 2: Install eTemperature

Press “Install eTemperature”.

Installation Guide - Screenshot

Press “Next”.

Installation Guide - EULA Acceptance

Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and press “Next”.

Installation Guide - Wizard Completed

Do NOT press “Finish” yet.


Step 3: Plug in the reader

Installation Guide - Connect Reader

The reader is the cable that was supplied in the kit. It will typically have a USB connector at one end and either a double blue circle or a 45° angled connector at the other.

The first time you plug in the reader you may be asked to do a hardware installation. Follow the prompts. Do not cancel out of the process. If in doubt, accept the default action. At one step you will be asked to proceed with an unsigned driver. Press “Yes” to continue with the installation.


Step 4: Run eTemperature

Press “Finish”. eTemperature will automatically start.

Installation Guide - Desktop Shortcut

In the future, run eTemperature by double clicking on its icon or by finding it within the Start Menu.

You should see “Waiting” in the status area. If not, then configure the comm. port.

Installation Guide - Waiting Screen

It is recommended that you run eTemperature once while still logged in as administrator.

The following steps may not appear and can be disregarded.


Step 5: Enter the unlock code

eTemperature is licensed per reader. It can be freely installed onto multiple PCs but when you plug in a reader for the first time you may be asked to enter an unlock code for the reader. If so, the following screen will appear:

Configuration Guide - Unlock Codes 1

For networked PCs it is recommended that you press no. The following screen will appear:

Configuration Guide - Unlock Codes 2

The unlock code can be found on a sticker on the USB connector where it plugs into the PC. Enter the unlock code and press “Unlock”. You will not be asked to do this again.


Step 6: Registering eTemperature

After a short time the following screen will appear:

Configuration Guide - Registration 1

Press the “Register Now” button. The following screen will appear:

Configuration Guide - Registration 2

Fields in yellow are mandatory. Complete at least these fields and press the “Register Now” button.

eTemperature will attempt to send an email from your computer. You may see a message notifying you of this. If so, allow the email to be sent.


Step 7: Optional: Set the defaults

If the options tab is not immediately displayed click on the “Options” button.

Configuration Guide - Options 1

Press the “Options” button. The following screen will appear. Select the “Actions” tab.

Configuration Guide - Options 2

Ensure the “Filename format” is “Description + Date”.

It is recommended to set the “Location” to a backed up folder on a network drive.
Ensure “On removal” is set to “Automatically save results”.

You are now ready to setup a Thermocron temperature logger.

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