Setting up a Logger

eTemperature is compatible with the range of Thermocron temperature and humidity loggers. Here are the steps to configure one with eTemperature.


Step 1: Plug in the reader

Connect Reader
The reader is the cable that was supplied in the kit. It will typically be a USB device at one end and either a double blue circle or a 45° angled connector at the other.


Step 2: Run eTemperature

Run eTemperature by double clicking on its icon or by finding it within the Start Menu.
Installation Guide - Desktop Shortcut

You should see “Waiting” in the status area.
Installation Guide - Waiting Screen


Step 3: Plug the logger into the reader

The logger is the small “watch battery” looking device that may be on a plastic holder. The logger will “click” into place The details tab should now appear with the following options available:

Logger Setup - Options 1

The status section (right hand box, lower section) displays if the unit is running and how many (mission) samples have been taken.


Step 4: Press “Reprogram”

The following screen will appear:

Logger Setup - Options 2


Step 5: Enter the description.

The description should include the company name and item being monitored.


Step 6: Set the sample rate

The sample rate is typically 5 to 30 minutes.


Step 7: Set the alarm limits

  • For refrigerated items: Low = 0°C to High = 5°C
  • For vaccines: Low = 2°C to High = 8°C
  • For frozen items: Low = -20°C to High = -12°C
  • For room temperature: Low = 20°C High = 25°C

(These values are suggestions only. Values may vary depending upon country and contents.)


Step 8: Optional- Press “Stop logging”

This is only necessary if the unit is running.


Step 9: Press “Start Logging”.

If the “Start Logging” button is not enabled but the “Stop Logging” is, then press it first.


Step 10: Remove the logger


Step 11: Repeat steps 3 to 9 for the other units.

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