Downloading Results

This guide assumes you have already installed and configured eTemperature, and setup a logger. After you have competed this guide, you may also want to analyse the results.


Step 1: Plug in the reader

The reader is the cable that was supplied in the kit. It will typically be a USB device at one end and either a double blue circle or a 45° angled connector at the other.


Step 2: Run eTemperature

Run eTemperature by double clicking on its icon or by finding it within the Start menu hierarchy.

You should see “Waiting” in the status area.

Installation Guide - Waiting Screen


Step 3: Plug in the logger into the reader

The logger is the small “watch battery” looking device that may be on a plastic holder. The logger will “click” into place The details tab should now appear with the following options available:

Logger Setup - Options 1

The status section (right hand box, lower section) displays if the unit is running and how many (mission) samples have been taken.


Step 4: Download the results

Press the “Read Log” button.



Step 5: (Optional) Save the results

Press the “Save” button. Not required if automatic saving has been configured.


Step 6: Print the results

Either Press Ctrl + P, or select the Actions tab

Downloading Results - Options

Select the required format in the “Print” section Press “Display”.

Now that you have downloaded these results, you may also want to analyse the results in eTemperature.